The Catholic University of America

 School of Philosophy

The Catholic University of America

Fall 2010 Lecture Series


The Modern Turn


September 10                            Richard Hassing, The Catholic University of America (webcast)
                                                 Modern Turns in Mathematics and Physics
September 17                            Nathan Tarcov, University of Chicago (webcast)
                                                 Machiavelli’s Modern Turn
September 24                            Michael Rohlf, The Catholic University of America (webcast)
                                                 Happiness in Rousseau and Kant
October 1                                  Thomas W. Merrill, American University (webcast)
                                                  Slave to the Passions: On Science and Philosophy in Hume's Treatise of
                                                 Human Nature
October 8                                  Harvey Mansfield, Harvard University (webcast)
                                                 Tocqueville's Alliance of Religion and Liberty
October 15                                Paul Guyer, University of Pennsylvania (webcast)
                                                 Kant, Autonomy, and Modernity
October 22                                Nicholas Jolley, University of California, Irvine (webcast)
                                                 Leibniz: Modern or Pre-Modern Philosopher?
October 29                                Steven Nadler, University of Wisconsin, Madison (webcast)
                                                 Spinoza and Toleration
November 12                             Michael Pakaluk, Ave Maria University (webcast)
                                                 From Natural Law to Natural Rights in John Locke
November 19                             Tad Schmaltz, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (webcast)
                                                 Descartes’s Critique of Scholastic Teleology
December 3                               Michael Gillespie, Duke University (webcast)
                                                 Distinguishing Crime and virtu: Machiavelli's Modernism and the Christian Tradition

December 10                             Rémi Brague, The Sorbonne and Ludwig Maximilian University (webcast)
                                                 The Failure of the 'Modern Project'


All lectures are held at 2:00 p.m. in the Auditorium of Aquinas Hall at
The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., 20064.

This series is made possible by a generous grant from the Franklin J. Matchette Foundation
and the support of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation and the George Dougherty Foundation.

For further information, contact the Office of the Dean, School of Philosophy, 202-319-5259,

To request disability accommodations, contact Ms. Melissa Grim (x5260) at least a week prior to the event.  A good faith effort will be made to provide the accommodations requested.