The Catholic University of America

School of Philosophy

The Catholic University of America

Fall 2001 Lecture Series


Freedom and the Human Person


September 14                            Robert Sokolowski, The Catholic University of America
                                                 Freedom, Responsibility and Truth
September 21                            Kenneth Pennington, The Catholic University of America
                                                 The Idea of Freedom in the 'Ius commune'
September 28                            Seth Benardete, New York University
                                                 Freedom: Grace and Necessity
October 5                                  Michael A. Gillespie, Duke University
                                                 God, Man and the Will in the Thought of Hobbes
October 12                                 Brian Shanley, O.P., The Catholic University of America
                                                  Beyond Libertarianism or Compatibilism:
                                                  Aquinas on Created Freedom
October 19                                 Leon Kass, University of Chicago
                                                  Follies of Freedom and Reason: An Old Story
October 26                                 Nathan Tarcov, University of Chicago
                                                  Machiavelli and Human Freedom
November 2                               Susan Shell, Boston College
                                                  Kant on Freedom within the Boundaries of Reason
November 9                               Robert Pippin, University of Chicago
                                                  On Giving Oneself the Law: Freedom as Self-Legislation
November 16                              Robert Rethy, Xavier University
                                                  Slaves, Masters and Tyrants:
                                                  On Nietzsche's Concept of Freedom
November 30                              Eleonore Stump, Saint Louis University
                                                  Aquinas on Free Will, Justifying Faith and the Atonement
December 7                                John Rist, University of Toronto
                                                  Freedoms and Would-Be Persons



All lectures are held at 2:00 p.m. in the Life Cycle Institute Auditorium at
The Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., 20064. 

This series is made possible by the support of the Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation, the George Dougherty Foundation, and The Freedom Project of the John Templeton Foundation. 

For further information, contact the Office of the Dean, School of Philosophy, 202-319-5259,