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Msgr. John F. Wippel

Theodore Basselin Professor of Philosophy


OfficeAquinas Hall 202
Phone: (202) 319-6648 Office hours: By appointment
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The Catholic University of America
School of Philosophy
Washington, DC 20064, USA


Ph.D. (philosophy), University of Louvain, 1965
Maître-Agrégé à l’Ecole Saint Thomas d’Aquin, Louvain-la Neuve, 1981

Areas of Interest

Metaphysics; Medieval philosophy, especially the 13th century; Thomas Aquinas; Radical Aristotelianism; Godfrey of Fontaines and late 13th century thought at Paris

Curriculum vitae  

Select Publications

The Metaphysical Thought of Thomas Aquinas. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2000.    
Metaphysical Themes in Thomas Aquinas. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1984.    
The Metaphysical Thought of Godfrey of Fontaines: A Study in Late Thirteenth-Century Philosophy. Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1981.    
“Thomas Aquinas and the Unity of Substantial Form.” In Philosophy and Theology in the Long Middle Ages: A Tribute to Stephen F. Brown, edited by Kent Emery, Jr., Russell L. Friedman, and Andreas Speer, 117–54. Leiden and Boston: Brill, 2011.
“Godfrey of Fontaines at the University of Paris in the Last Quarter of the Thirteenth Century. In Nach der Verurteilung von 1277: Philosophie und Theologie an der Universität von Paris im letzten Viertel des 13. Jahrhunderts, Studien und Texte, edited by Jan Aertsen, Kent Emery, and Andreas Speer, 359–89. Miscellanea Mediaevalia 28. Berlin and New York: Walter de Gruyter, 2001.
“Thomas Aquinas and the Condemnation of 1277.” The Modern Schoolman 72 (1995): 233–72.
“Thomas Aquinas on the Distinction and Derivation of the Many from the One: A Dialectic between Being and Nonbeing.” The Review of Metaphysics 38 (1985): 563–90.

“Godfrey of Fontaines and the Act-Potency Axiom.” Journal of the History of Philosophy 11 (1973): 299–317.