The Catholic University of America

Matthias Vorwerk, Associate Dean

Associate Professor of Philosophy


OfficeAquinas Hall 211
Phone: (202) 319-6652
Office hours: By appointment; contact to schedule. 
Mailing address:

The Catholic University of America
School of Philosophy
Washington, DC 20064, USA


Ph.D., Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany, 1998

Areas of Interest

Ancient philosophy, Plato, Plotinus, Neoplatonism, Philosophy of Human Nature

Curriculum vitae  

Select Publications

In Pursuit of “Wissenschaft”: Festschrift in Honor of William M. Calder III, On the Occasion of his 75th Birthday. Edited by St. Heilen, R. Kirstein, R. Scott Smith, St. Trzaskoma, R. van der Wal, and M. Vorwerk. Hildesheim, Zürich, and New York: Olms, 2008.    
Plotins Schrift “Über den Geist, die Ideen und das Seiende” (Enneade V 9 [5]). Text, translation, commentary. Beiträge zur Altertumskunde 145. Munich and Leipzig: Saur, 2001.    
“Plotinus and the Parmenides; Problems of Interpretation.” In Plato’s Parmenides and Its Heritage. Vol. 2, Reception in Patristic, Gnostic, and Christian Neoplatonic Texts, edited by J. D. Turner and K. Corrigan, 23–33. Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature, 2010.

“Maker or Father? Plotinus on the Demiurge.” In One Book, The Whole Universe: Plato’s Timaeus Today, edited by R. D. Mohr and B. M. Sattler, 79–100. Las Vegas, Zurich, and Athens: Parmenides Publishing, 2010.

“Der Arzt, der Koch und die Kinder: Rhetorik und Philosophie im Wettstreit.” In Gorgias — Menon. Selected Papers from the Seventh Symposium Platonicum, edited by M. Erler and L. Brisson, 297–302. International Plato Studies 25. St. Augustin: Academia Verlag, 2007.

“Citizenship of the Heavenly Fatherland: A Platonist Alternative to the Stoic Concept of Cosmopolitanism.” In Polis and Cosmopolis: Problems of a Global Era, edited by K. Boudouris, vol. 2, 230–40. Athens: Ionia Publications, 2003.

“Plato on Virtue: Definitions of ‘sophrosune’ in Plato’s Charmides and in Plotinus, Enneads 1.2 (19).” American Journal of Philology 122 (2001): 29–47.