The Catholic University of America

Fall 2018

School of Philosophy

Ph.D. Reading List Exams


DAY 1: 9 am – 1 pm, Location TBD


DAY 2: 9 am – 1 pm, Location TBD


2018-19 Ph.D. Reading List Committee



The deadline to register for the exam is Friday, March 16. Late registrations will not be accepted. To register, please e-mail with the list in question. Verbal registrations will not be accepted. Past exams are available in the Quick Links box here.



1.      I plan to take the exam this semester, but I’m not registered for PHIL 998A/B Doctoral Comps in Cardinal Station … what should I do? Please email for permission to register. If it is after the add/drop deadline of September 7, please email ASAP!

2.      I’m registered for PHIL 998A/B but I no longer plan to take the exam … what should I do? In order for a course NOT to show up on your transcript, you must drop it by the add/drop deadline for that semester (September 7). After that, you can still withdraw by the withdrawal deadline (November 9), and will receive a "W" on your transcript. If you do nothing at all, then your grade will be recorded as "NG" (No Grade).

 Regarding FAIL ATTEMPTS: If you are registered for PHIL 998 and decide not to show up for the exam, this will NOT count as one of your 2 permitted attempts. However, if you decide not to take the exam after registering to do so, please let me know by emailing prior to the exam registration deadline. 

3.      I have a text I’ve been studying from, but it isn’t on the list of approved editions (which, if you’re curious, can be found here). I can make a really good case for why I should still be allowed to use it. Who has the power to approve my request to use this text on exam day? If you’re taking list I, speak with the list I graders; if you’re taking list II, speak with the list II graders; if you’re taking list III, speak with the list III graders (and the earlier, the better!).

4.       How do I get special accommodations for the exam? Please contact Disability Support Services to make arrangements. You can find more information on their website:

5.       I have a different question that isn’t answered above; where can I find the answer to that? You might be able to find it here or here—but, if you can’t, just ask the Dean’s Office, and we’ll either answer or find out the answer!