The Catholic University of America

Graduate Transfer Information

Transfer of Credits

Graduate work done in other institutions will not be accepted towards fulfilling the requirements for the master’s degree or the licentiate.

Graduate work done in other institutions of approved standing, and not used to fulfill the requirements for a graduate degree granted elsewhere, may be offered in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the doctoral degree in the School of Philosophy provided this work is approved by the dean.  A maximum of eight three credit graduate courses may be transferred from other institutions within the total of twenty three credit graduate courses required for the doctorate.  Courses completed more than five years prior to the date of presentation for transfer credit normally are not accepted.

At least four semesters of full-time graduate work toward the doctoral degree must be done in residence at The Catholic University of America.  One of these years must be the last year.

A candidate for the doctoral program who applies for credit for graduate work done at other institutions may be granted such credit as, in the judgment of the dean, is deemed suitable.  Judgment will be passed only after the student has studied at The Catholic University of America for a time sufficient to give adequate opportunity to evaluate the student’s grasp of the subject taken elsewhere.

Students already enrolled in the doctoral program who wish to take graduate courses at other institutions for transfer credit must submit the courses in question to the dean for approval before taking them.  Courses that are not approved for transfer credit in advance normally will not be accepted.